Crittenden Partners

1 Independence Drive
Suite 305
Birmingham, AL 35209
Tel: (205) 874-8680
Fax: (205) 874-8685


The Crittenden Firm, P.C. offers a one hour consultation fee based on the hourly rate of each of the attorneys. The Firm first checks for any client conflict and asks that you fill out a form before your consultation. Please call and speak with Ms. Crittenden’s assistant, Debbie Lawrence. She will schedule your appointment and connect you with the appropriate person. It is possible to do a consultation by telephone, but the form and the fee must be received before the consultation.

Contacting the Firm

Generally, lawyers are in our offices on weekdays from 8:30 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. (telephone 874-8680). Because of the nature of our practice, we are frequently engaged in court hearings. However, an Associate Attorney or Legal Assistant will be familiar with your case, and she/he will be familiar with its status at all times. If you are unable to reach your lawyer, please ask to speak with the Legal Assistant who has been working on your case. If she/he cannot help you, she will discuss your concerns with your attorney and one of us will return your call.