Family Law

Crittenden Partners provides exceptional legal services in all aspects of family law. With over seventy years of combined experience, the attorneys of Crittenden Partners routinely handle complex and contentious disputes with the utmost discretion. We specialize in divorce litigation, including jurisdictional issues, spousal and child support, child custody, marital property characterization, and valuation and division of assets. We also specialize in post-divorce actions, including actions to enforce prior divorce judgments and actions to modify child custody, child support, and spousal support. Other areas of expertise include paternity matters, adoptions, and prenuptial, postnuptial, and marital settlement agreements. Additionally, Crittenden Partners has an active family law appellate practice.

Our clients are diverse, and they come to us through the personal referrals of professionals, friends, associates, and family members we have helped. We represent individuals with successful careers, as well as spouses who bear the primary responsibility for rearing children and supporting their spouses’ professional careers. Our attorneys work closely with clients on sensitive and difficult personal matters, and understand the challenges associated with restructuring family and finances.

In addition to zealously representing our clients, the attorneys and staff of Crittenden Partners also stay abreast of developments in the area of family law. Judy Crittenden is the co-author of Alabama Family Law, the comprehensive treatise on all matters related to matrimonial and family law in the state. The attorneys of Crittenden Partners update the book each year to reflect statewide family law developments, as well as national and international family law trends– an undertaking that requires extensive research and an inclusive understanding of the numerous family law subject areas and their interrelation.

Above all, Crittenden Partners strives to provide excellent representation through expertise, commitment, compassion, and most importantly, the strength of integrity.


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