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Judith S. Crittenden’s firm has been blazing trails for decades. Crittenden graduated law school in 1970 as one of the few women pursuing law at the time, then became the first female Deputy District Attorney in Jefferson County before starting her own firm in 1974.

“She built a great firm and a great reputation,” said Laura Montgomery Lee, the firm’s managing partner.

Now Crittenden is passing that legacy on through Lee and four other female attorneys. While Crittenden Partners was formed in 2014 out of The Crittenden Firm with Crittenden, Lee and Yarbrough as three of the original partners, the firm has since expanded to add three additional partners in Gregory, joining in 2017, and Henry and Saia, both joining in 2019. Together, they have over 100 years of experience and a diverse set of skills that can handle any matter with the utmost expertise……

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